A handmade rug typically takes 3-6 months to assemble, some can take over a year. This is because each knot is woven onto a cotton, wool or silk warp by a human. Many Mithra rugs are composed of over a million individual knots, intricately woven by visually following a design, or sometimes just from memory! This is why every handmade carpet is totally unique and extremely durable. The oldest known handmade carpet is believed to be 2,500 years old. Handmade carpets are works of art.

Your rug will be wrapped, packed and shipped within 24 hours of your order being placed, depending on which delivery service you go for you will receive your rug within 5 days of your purchase. Next day delivery is available.
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Hand made rugs and kilims require extra care and consideration when it comes to cleaning them.Firstly, it is important to understand the materials that have been used toweave them, and the way in which they have been woven. See our cleaning guide to learn how best to clean your carpet based on its style and origin.

You certainly can. If you would like to see how one of our rugs would look inside your abode,please email us at help@mithrarugs.com and quote the product number. We will come back to you with more information on our ‘try before you buy’ service.

Our rugs don’t lay around for long, and rather than stocking thousands of rugs at any giventime, we prefer to refresh the stock monthly. This helps to keep our offering fresh and in keeping with seasons and trends. It also helps to prevent our lovely customers from being overwhelmed by too many options all at once. Sign up to our newsletter to be informed of our new arrivals each month.

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Yes. From the moment you purchase any Mithra rug, so long as it is kept in favourable condition, it will start increasing in value. If you have a rug that is between 30-80 years old, it is Vintage. It becomes an Antique if it is greater than 80 years old. Rugs don’t need to achieve Vintage status before they start to appreciate, but we advise you keep onto these investments for at least 5 years. Every Mithra rug is one-of-a-kind.

If kept in good condition and out of constant sunlight or moisture, hand knotted carpets can last hundreds of years and, just like fine wine, they age very well.

In short, yes. Before being woven into rugs, the cotton, wool or silk fibres are coloured using natural dyes extracted from the roots, stems and leaves of plants found naturally in the area. Whereas artificial, chemical dyes often found in machine woven, mass produced rugs are more resilient to the effects of UV radiation, our hand made rugs can fade if constantly exposed to direct sunlight.
Sun fading is a relatively slow process and it can be quite easily avoided by rotating the carpet every 3 months, minimising or shielding the direct sunlight exposure during the day with the use of furniture and tables or drawing the curtains when the room isn’t in use.

We’d love to! We try to keep our sizes, colours and styles as varied as possible to accommodate many tastes and flavours. But if you have a specific rug in mind, or have seena rug you love on TV or the internet, then please send this over to us and we can identify its likely origin, and find hand-made alternatives that closely resemble your choice. If we’re successful in finding your perfect rug, we can order it and have it shipped to you within 3-6 weeks.