Cleaning Guide

Most Mithra rugs have medium to short piles, the exception being the Beni Ourain rugs of Africa which will have their own cleaning section. The below guidance is for the routine cleaning of Afghanistan and Persian rugs and kilims.

An average household rug needs minor cleaning (vacuuming) at least once every two weeks. This will ensure that small debris and dust particles don’t start to compile under the pile. It is best to hoover both sides of the rug, twice over.

The important considerations to make when hoovering is to make sure you always hoover with the grain, not against it, and be very careful when hoovering around the fringe of the rug, because the fringe is more susceptible to being sucked up. Persian rugs are hooverable, but for a vintage or antique carpets it is best to turn off the beater bar and only use air suction.

Deep Cleaning should be carried out at least once a year and this can be done with a few simple products. Before starting though, it’s important to consider how likely your rug is to bleed. If you have dark colours In close proximity to expanses of white or cream, then it would be wise to seek the assistance or advice of a professional cleaning company.

First and foremost, the rug needs to be vacuumed, or beaten to remove any loose dust or debris. Next, the rug needs a good wash with cold water, one practical way to do do this is with a garden hose, outside but if this isn’t possible a cold water spray on both sides would also work.

Next, get a bucket of Luke warm water with a mild soap, or a rug shampoo and, using a soft long haired brush, stroke the carpet in the direction of the nap (with the grain). Once the cleaning detergent is soaked in, another wash or spray with cold water will take away any remaining debris. The rug now needs to dry as quickly as possible to prevent mildew. A heater or a fan will help here.

Beni Ourain Cleaning requires a slightly different approach. Because the pile is so thick and dense, it’s likely to attract more debris and dust but this will also be looser. Gently beating the rug is a great way to remove the worst of this accumulation, followed by a hoover on a light suction setting with no revolving brush.

We advise all Beni Ourain Rugs have a professional wash once a year.