About Mithra Rugs

We’re Passionate about Handmade Rugs…

An authentic, hand-knotted rug can be one of the most beguiling, warming and accentuating products an interior can present. Traditional rugs are our speciality and we have spent over a decade, traversing Africa and the Middle East to learn their heritages. We started Mithra Rugs to share our knowledge and our products to customers throughout the United Kingdom. Unlike many UK suppliers of traditional style, machine-woven carpets, we only sell rugs that have been made by hand with passion and wisdom in small settlements, villages and towns.

Handmade Carpets

We source almost all of our hand knotted rugs from many different locations contained within the ‘Rug Belt’ which stretches six thousand miles from Morocco across North Africa, the Middle East, and into Central Asia and northern India.

Why spend precious spare time looking for rug warehouses only to be pressured and overwhelmed by options. Why not instead browse our online store with your feet up in the comfort of your own home? Our splendid photography and attentive product descriptions bring our rugs to life but if you’d like to see your new rug in person, book a consultation here.

Directly Sourced

Unlike other retailers, we do not source our rugs from wholesalers or middlemen. Our ethos is to attain our rugs from the source, which gives us the privilege of travelling the globe to meet the truly inspirational weavers and small businesses responsible for our products. This direct approach allows us to keep our prices down, and your savings up!

A Compelling Investment

If the beauty and distinctive charm of a handmade carpet is not quite enough to convince you to part with your moolah, then it may be encouraging to know that similarly to a vintage car, or an aged Swiss watch, authentic handmade rugs actually increase in value with age - substantially!