6 Carpet Trends For 2021

6 Carpet Trends For 2021

After a unique 2020, it feels great to be in a new year. And our favourite thing about a new year? Emerging new interior trends, colour palettes and decorating ideas. 

If you’ve decided to make 2021 your year, and are looking to renovate your home with a few new designs, then look no further. We’ve collated some of the best upcoming carpet trends for you to use for inspiration. 

In recent years, hard floors have become increasingly popular, but carpets are still the most common flooring option thanks to the ever-changing landscape of the industry. 

So, check out these carpet ideas that transform classic flooring into a modern style. 

Carpet Tiles & Planks

In the past, carpet has always felt bulky and difficult to replace – especially if your house has the same carpet throughout. One small stain or mark and the whole thing has to be changed. 

Carpet tiles and planks are a much easier way to keep your home looking pristine throughout the years. They’re easily replaceable if one area gets damaged, so they’re great for families with young kids or messy pets. 

Tiling carpet is commonly used in basements as they typically come with additional features such as waterproofing which is perfect for water-prone areas. 

These simple tiles are also pretty easy to install yourself, and can be used to create an area rug for the centre of the room. Tiles typically come with peel off sticky backs so that you can easily place them on the floor without additional gripping needed.  

Handmade Area Rugs 

Area rugs will never not be trending, as the colours and styles are ever changing. They are great for adding a statement to any space – carpeted or hard floored. You might love big and bold patterns which are overwhelming as a full carpet, but finding the perfect bright and bold rug to suit your personality will keep the space feeling balanced. 

If you’re looking for the popular bohemian style that has featured in all the top interior magazines in the past few years, use an area rug on top of normal carpet to create layers and texture. 

The biggest trend within area rugs for 2021 is handmade: Middle Eastern carpets such as Persian, Kazak and Beni Ourain are all examples of handmade rugs which add a huge amount of character and style to the room. Homeowners are looking to invest in a more trusted carpet source, and buying hand crafted pieces makes their home more personal. 

While handmade rugs can be a little more of an investment, they add a creative, individual style to your home that can’t be replicated by a high street brand. 

Eco Friendly Carpet Options 

Sustainability, eco-friendly and recycled materials are all part of a huge consumer trend that’s here to stay. And carpets are no different. At the forefront of the ‘environmentally responsible flooring movement’ are sisal carpets and jute rugs. 

Made by weaving the fibres of agave sisal, these eco-friendly carpets are a little less cosy but make a space feel super light and homey. The ropey texture is extremely durable, so sisal is a great flooring material for hallways and kitchens – anywhere that gets a lot of foot traffic. 

Similarly, jute rugs have become incredibly popular. Jute is a plant-based material that is thick and tightly wound. These rugs are better for lower traffic areas of the home, but are pretty easy to maintain. Try a jute rug under the coffee table or by the bedside. 

Modern Patterns 

Like the Beni Ourain rug which has been doing the rounds for a few years now, modern, geometric designs are set to be a big flooring trend this year. Modern flooring patterns are typically a lot more subtle than the vibrant and blinding styles of the 60s and 70s, making them a little more timeless. 

These clean, simple and classic styles look stunning in earthy tones on a backdrop of pastel shades or neutrals. 

Floral Print Carpets 

There are a lot of ways floral carpets can go wrong... from the modern flower print rugs you’ll find in the high street, to the vintage floral carpets you’ll find at your grandmas flat, ‘floral’ can be really hit and miss. 

But classic floral prints with intricate designs have been transformed into the latest modern trend with more neutral shades like nudes and greys.  

Alternatively, these striking patterns can be added to a muted colourscheme to create a vintage, warm feel within the house. 


Runners used to be a last-minute purchase to keep the hallway floors protected from muddy shoes. Now, they’re an interior superstar. You’ll now find runners taking residence in the kitchen, to add a warmth to colder, stone or wood floors. 

They’re also great for upcycling your stairs. By stripping the carpet from your staircase, adding a lick of paint to the wood underneath and using a runner down the centre (with runner rods to keep it in place), you can totally transform your hallway into a light, elegant space. 

Whether you choose a plain carpet, or a unique Persian runner style, this simple decorating trick will let you retake charge of your hallway, at least until everyone’s shoes get in the way...

So, there you have it, six of the biggest carpet trends for the upcoming year, and potentially many years to come. All of these trends are beautifully timeless which means they’re perfect for anyone who likes to keep things familiar and stick to one style.